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Founded by Harvard and Stanford graduates, Everest Education (E2) strives to inspire every student that walks through our doors. We prepare students mentally and academically for rigors of an international education in E2's small classes, camps, and VIP tutoring. We instill an intellectual curiosity that becomes the foundation for lifelong learning. By cultivating critical thinking, creativity, communication, and teamwork skills, we empower students to succeed in tomorrow's global environment.

Our proprietary personalized learning model customizes the student learning experience to give each student the right material, at the right level, at the right time. Whether it's getting an 'A' on the next test, improving grades in school, or preparing for the best universities in the world, we help every child reach the top. Our teachers draw on students’ passions, learning styles, and data to personalize education that cultivates the whole child — academically, socially and emotionally.

E2's teachers graduated from the world's top universities including Harvard, Stanford, MIT, UCLA, Emory, and NUS. More importantly, this is not a job; it is a calling. We do not teach; we empower. E2 teachers work tirelessly to stay on the cutting edge of education innovation and personalize learning for every student. We continually push ourselves to be better educators and role models for our students.

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"When my child transferred to a bilingual school, he was under a lot of pressure and stress due to the new teaching method. As a result, his first semester grades were only B’s, C’s, and D’s. However, thanks to the guidance of his teachers at Everest, in only one year, he caught up and improved his grades to six B’s and two A’s. This was truly a great joy for our family!

In addition to his efforts, we know that he couldn’t have achieved these results without the help, coaching, and encouragement of Ms. Linh, Mr. Hieu, Mr. Duong, Ms. Thao, and especially Mr. Don, who not only taught him Math, but also guided him on how to behave, stay healthy, and start reading English newspapers."

- Mr. Thien, Parent of 10th-grade student at British Vietnamese International School

"Thanks to the dedication of E2 teachers and the efficient communication between E2 and parents, Kiet has been improving significantly as he’s now more focused on studying and sharing his knowledge with friends. We especially noticed his increased interest in learning overall. I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Tony, Mr. John, Ms. Giang, Mr. Hong Anh and E2's staff!"

- Mrs. Mai Anh, Parent of 9th-grade student at Tran Dai Nghia High School