Tutoring in English in Everest Education

Key Advantage

We provide private tutoring sessions in English in one-on-one or small-group formats as an enrichment program for various academic subjects.

Our tutoring program offers customizable curriculum and personal mentorship for students. We pinpoint each student’s individual strengths and weaknesses and tailor curriculum to address their specific needs.

Program Highlights

Tutoring in English at Everest Education - Flexible Schedules

Flexible Schedules

We specifically work with families to arrange a suitable time frame for the course.

Tutoring in English at Everest Education - Custom Curriculum

Custom Curriculum

Students acheive their academic goals through personalized learning strategies.

Tutoring in English at Everest Education - Academic & Life Coaching

Academic & Life Coaching

Students maximize their potentials by developing good study habits and self-discipline.

Everest Education - Tutoring in English at Everest Education

Our teaching staff graduated from top universities around the world:

E2 teachers were top students themselves, but even so, academic credentials are only minimum requirements.  In fact, we hire less than 10% of teaching applicants. We have hand-picked our teaching staff through a rigorous, multi-stage recruitment process that includes testing of subject matter expertise, delivery of sample lectures, and behavioral testing for cultural fit.

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Singapore Math at Everest Education - Free Diagnostic Test and Free trial classes
  • Our program consultants will contact you within 24 hours to set up a diagnostic test.
  • After the diagnostic test, we will advise the family on choosing the most suitable course for the student.

About Everest Education

Everest Education (E2) is a social enterprise dedicated to personalizing learning. We’ve developed our own blended learning approach to replace the traditional “one size fits all” education format. We customize instructions and materials to reach each student’s zone of proximal development.

Our founders, Don Le (Stanford University) and Tony Ngo (Harvard Business School), have a long history of teaching and mentoring students both in the United States and in Vietnam. Their goal for E2 is to deliver an exceptional educational experience that helps students succeed throughout their lives, not just on the next test.