E2 English Scholars Challenge 2017’s Results

 About E2 English Scholars Challenge The E2 English Scholars Challenge is an annual contest organized by Everest Education, which aims to boost students’ confidence and fluency in English and to prepare them better for an international education. This... read more


On April 10, 2017, Everest Education launches the “E2 ENGLISH SCHOLARS CHALLENGE: THE SKILLS TO CONVINCE”, a competition that focuses on persuasive skills to convince others to agree with your point of view. The challenge is open to all students from Grade 1 to Grade... read more

Forbes: Educators Unite To Build Vietnam’s Tech Talent

Other education activists are working to improve STEM training at primary and secondary levels. Tony Ngo and Don Le of Everest Education, a private tutoring company in Ho Chi Minh City, have been developing courses in applied math based on Singapore Math, as well as... read more

Edsurge: A Twisting Path in Education Entrepreneurship

The path of entrepreneurship is rarely a straightforward one, but it’s always an exciting one with twists and turns. After graduating from business school in 2008, I joined a hedge fund, but I also soon co-founded an education company with a good friend from college... read more

E2 Open House: Family Funday

At E2, we understand that family bonding time plays a significant role in building confidence and positive attitudes in our students. As we launch a new E2 learning center in Phu My Hung, our team hosted the event E2 Open House: Family Funday, encouraging students and... read more

E2 Math Scholars Challenge 2016: Awards Ceremony

In November, Everest Education (E2) hosted the Math Scholars Challenge 2016 contest for students from grade 6 to 8, who are studying in Ho Chi Minh City. The contest was designed to encourage students to challenge their own critical thinking and creative... read more

Mannequin Challenge: Happy Holiday Version

A busy and hard-working semester is wrapping up. Our E2 Math teachers and students had an idea to mark the holiday season with the Mannequin Challenge. Mannequin Challenge has been the highlight on social media for the past few weeks. It puts our patience... read more