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Open the door to nature,
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Join exciting field trips
each week

Fun-filled English summer camp


Develop STEAM skills

Why choose E2 Summer Camp?


Multi-experience camp with international quality

With nearly 10 years of experience designing and organizing summer camps, for students from international schools such as AIS, SSIS, ISHCMC AA, etc., Everest Education brings international quality and multi-experience summer camps to students.


Experience the incredible discovery of nature

Immerse in nature in a series of outdoor activities and field trips each week. Enjoy practical experiences and joyful moments with teachers and friends.


100% English environment

Practice and enhance listening, speaking, communication and presentation skills in a 100% English environment. Our program is designed for students from beginner, intermediate to advanced English level.


Learning through practical experience and projects

While gaining STEAM knowledge and real-world experiences, children can develop essential skills for their future endeavors, including problem-solving, creativity, inquiring, research, and project management.


Attentive and flexible service

Children can enjoy shuttle service (between learning centers), lunch, and after-hours care (if needed). We offer flexible signups, so it’s simple to mix and match other summer activities.

What will students experience during the E2 summer camp?

This summer, let your child enjoy the outdoors, play and explore the city’s nature after a long period stuck indoors. By participating in the E2 Summer Camp 2022, your child will join our nature explorer squad with a 6-week schedule to welcome a colorful and energetic summer with diverse indoor and outdoor activities.

Our 6-week journey of nature exploration

*The field trip location can be subject to changes

Sample week plan and projects: Animal Kingdom

*Student will have at least 1 field trip and 1 final project each week

E2 Summer Camp Over The Years

Frequently asked questions

E2 summer camp will begin on June 20, 2022, and run on weekdays from Monday to Friday.

Parents can register their children for a full-day or half-day (morning only) summer camp, as most outdoor activities will be held in the morning.

We will provide lunch for families who sign up for lunch.

We just support transporting children from one learning center to another learning center.

We have chargeable after-hours childcare services depending on your family’s needs.

Why choose us?


Built by Harvard and Stanford graduates

Everest Education was founded by Tony Ngo (Harvard Business School and Stanford University) and Don Le (Stanford University). Our products are developed using the latest in US educational pedagogy and research, enabling students to develop academically, mentally, and socially effectively.


Camp partner of top international schools

We have more than 10 years of experience organizing summer camps for students from international schools such as AIS, EIS, TAS, SSIS, ISHCMC AA, and others.


10,000+ students have studied online with us

Everest has been a pioneer in the online education space, offering engaging class experiences for students of all ages. More than 10,000 students from 42 provinces of Vietnam have attended our online classes, and up to 98.5% of students are satisfied with the online learning experience.

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