ACT or SAT? What should be my major? What are colleges really looking for? How do I get into my dream school? What if my GPA isn’t high enough?

It feels like there are a million questions and not enough answers. One wrong choice could mean the difference between getting into your dream school and not going to college at all. That’s why, when it comes to studying abroad… every step matters! When College Compass works with families, we encourage them to start early and find a mentor. Here are the reasons:


Applying to the right college can take months, even years for specific schools. Mentors can guide you through the entire process from start to finish and save time.


Each school has their own unique requirements, such as essays, extracurriculars, and student profiles. Mentors can help you find creative ways to stand out and improve your chances of getting in.


Strict deadlines often overwhelm students and their GPA, since they must balance schoolwork and applications at the same time. Mentors can help you manage your time and set priorities alongside you.


The large selection of majors and classes leave students feeling confused and lost, and students need help discovering their strengths, weaknesses, and future career paths. Mentors can connect you with resources, help you explore your options, and answer all your questions.

Above all else, mentors will be there side by side with you and help you open doors you didn’t know existed!

College Compass understands completely and can assist you!

What Is Our Track Record?




The secret to these amazing results?

We’ve been in your shoes before and know how to get you where you want to go. 

You could even say our “roots” are in top tier education. Everest Education founders have gone to Ivy League schools and have helped advise, edit, and prepare hundreds of students for their college applications.  Founders Tony Ngo (M.B.A., Harvard Business School, B.A. Economics, Stanford University) and Don Le (B.A. Economics, Stanford University) have firsthand experience with the selective college admissions process.

And when it comes to the study abroad experience of Vietnamese students? We settle for nothing but the best. No one understands the needs and concerns of Vietnamese students quite like us. 

College Compass is Everest Education’s premium study abroad program that helps high school students (grades 8-12) enter the world’s top universities and colleges. 

Our program is led by experienced admissions counselors/coaches who graduated from top US universities (Harvard, Stanford, MIT, UPenn…) and have personally gone through the admissions process. 

We offer you personalized pathways and strategies, including school selection, standardized testing, extracurricular activity guidance, essay writing, scholarship applications, etc. No matter which phase you are in, we offer a package that is tailored to your age, preferences and study goals to help you achieve your dreams.

Admission to top colleges

Our students have been accepted to the most competitive colleges and universities in the world with considerable financial aid. They are not only good ranking schools but also the best fit to students.

Experienced coaching team

College Compass is led by experienced coaches who master the US education system and graduated from top schools (Harvard, Stanford, MIT, UPenn).

A to Z pathway to college

Whether you are in your early years of high school, a rising senior working on your college application or a gap year student, we offer a comprehensive and tailored plan to help you succeed. The sooner you start, the higher your chances are.

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Students and parents review

College Compass Student

Parent of Chau Hua, University of Texas at Austin

"I would like to thank Mr. Tony, Ms. Chau, Ms. Thao and College Compass team for your guidance and dedication. I hope that College Compass will become more successful and can support more students."

college compass students 2

Parent of Tran Thuy Trang, Minerva University

"I would like to give my sincere thanks to Mr. Tony Ngo, Mr. Don Le, Ms. Chau Bui for teaching Trang and supporting her to make her dream come true.”

College Compass Student 3

Nguyen Van Chien, Princeton University

“My college admission process was a journey riddled with obstacles and pressures, and I am glad that I had College Compass as my companion. I want to thank you, Tony, for all the insights that you have shared with me about this whole process and for all the early mornings and late nights that you have spent giving me advice with my interviews.”


Katie Dang, Boston University

“I received great advice and suggestions on school selection, essay writing, and how to refine my extracurricular profile. Your feedback and support were crucial in helping me elevate my application to ensure that I was showcasing the best of me. I received tremendous help and support, not only professionally but also mentally and emotionally.”

Where are our students on the world university map?


Do you desire to attend a top university but have no idea where to start?

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Get started with our E2 blog. It features stories, strategies, college applications 101, and everything you need for study abroad

Each character in the Chuyện du học Podcast is a brilliant individual with their own special story. We spoke with Nguyen Van Chien (Princeton University, #1 NU), Le My Hien (Harvard University, #2 NU), Nguyen Mai Kieu Anh (Williams College, #1 LAC), and Nguyen Hai Nam (Middlebury University, #9 LAC) about their study abroad experiences. This is a podcast series that you shouldn’t miss!


Our tools will guide you step-by-step on each leg of your journey


Preparing for college starts today!

College Compass Holistic Pathway

Get To Know Your Mentors - College Counselors

The program is led by Co-founders and Senior Lead Counselors of Everest Education, who graduated from Stanford University, Harvard Business School, University of Pennsylvania, MIT Sloan School of Management, and have served as alumni interviewers for Stanford University.

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