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About College Compass

College Compass by Everest Education offers strategic solutions to help aspiring high school students (Grade 8-12) and gap year students get into the best universities and colleges in the world. Our program is led by experienced admissions counselors/coaches who graduated from top US universities (Harvard, Stanford, MIT, UPenn…) and thoroughly understand the US education system. We offer a personalized pathway and strategies for you, including school selection, standardized testing, extracurricular activity guidance, essays writing, scholarships applications, etc. No matter which phase you are in, we offer the package that is tailored to your age, preferences and study goals to help you achieve your dreams.

Admission to top colleges

Our students have been accepted to the most competitive colleges and universities in the world with considerable financial aid. They are not only good ranking schools but also the best fit to students.

Experienced coaching team

College Compass is led by experienced coaches who master the US education system and graduated from top schools (Harvard, Stanford, MIT, UPenn).

A to Z pathway to college

Whether you are in your early years of high school, a rising senior working on your college application or a gap year student, we offer a comprehensive and tailored plan to help you succeed. The sooner you start, the higher your chances are.

Jimmy Tran
Princeton University

• Also accepted to: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, CU Boulder

• Northfield Mount Hermon School (US)

Nguyen Van Chien
Princeton University

• Also accepted to: Drexel University

• Total financial aid: $478,760

• Vinh Phuc High School for the Gifted (Vinh Phuc)

Le My Hien
Harvard University

• Also accepted to: Amherst College, Duke University, Jacobs University Bremen

• Total financial aid: $1,303,312

• Tran Hung Dao High School for the Gifted (Binh Thuan)

Nguyen Mai Kieu Anh
Williams College

• Also accepted to: Cornell University, Bard College, Drexel University, Minerva Schools at KGI, NYU Abu Dhabi

•  Total financial aid: $1,000,000

•  VNU – HCM High School for the Gifted

Nguyen Hai Nam
Middlebury College

• Also accepted to: Colorado College, Macalester College, St. Olaf College

• Total financial aid: $1,195,641

• United World College East Africa (Tanzania)

Nguyen Viet Hoan
University of South California

• Also accepted to: Northeastern University, Babson College, Penn State – University Park,…

• Total financial aid: $28,000

• Windermere Preparatory School, Windermere, FL

Dang Kim Ngan
Boston University

• Also accepted to: UMass Amherst, Suffolk University, La Verne University, Brandeis University, University of Groningen,…

• Total financial aid: $332,000

• International School Ho Chi Minh City

Nguyen Tran Mai Trang
Northeastern University

• Also accepted to: American University

•  Total financial aid: $668,040

•  Pomfret School (US)

What we cover

College Compass programs

College Compass Junior

College Compass Junior program offers personalized coaching from earlier years of high school to help students plan out a detailed pathway for successful college application in Grade 12. Students will:

✔ Understand their strengths and major/career orientation via our personality tests and self-reflection exercises 

✔ Formulate an extracurricular plan that showcases students’ strengths and interests in application profile

✔ Develop a strategy for high academic performance and suitable standardized tests (SAT/ACT, IELTS/TOEFL…)

College Compass Admission

College Compass Admission program guides rising Grade 12 & gap year students step-by-step through the rigorous application process, and helps you get into your dream schools. Students will:

✔ Generate a suitable list of schools that fits your personality, preferences and academic goals

✔ Write impressive application essays that best present your identity to the admission committee

✔ Manage the whole application process effectively, mitigate risks and resolve arising issues

Meet our coaching team

College Compass is led by experienced admissions counselors who graduated from top US universities (Harvard, Stanford, MIT, UPenn..) and thoroughly understand the US education system. No matter your location (overseas or in Vietnam) or your education system (homeschool, international school, public school, overseas high school), we help you formulate winning strategies to boost your chances of admission at your dream college.

Senior Lead Counselors

The program is led by Co-founders and Senior Lead Counselors of Everest Education, who graduated from Stanford University, Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan School of Management, and have served as alumni interviewers for Stanford University.

Tony Ngo

Chairman & Co-founder, Everest Education

• Harvard Business School

   ◦ M.B.A.

• Stanford University

   ◦ M.S. Industrial Engineering
   ◦ B.A Economics

Don Le

CEO & Co-founder, Everest Education

Stanford University

   ◦ B.S. Computer Science
   ◦ B.A. Economics

Matthew McGarvey

Senior Lead Counselor

• MIT Sloan School of Management

   ◦ M.B.A

• Boston College

   ◦ B.A. Philosophy

• iPEC

   ◦ Coaching Certificate

Stefan Zimmerman

Senior Lead Counselor

• Worms University

◦ M.B.A

Anh-Thu Ngo

Senior Lead Counselor

• Harvard University

   ◦ Ph.D. Social Anthropology

• Princeton University
   ◦ A.B. Anthropology

• University of Melbourne
   ◦ Study Abroad, Anthropology & History

Ha Cao

Senior Lead Counselor

• Harvard Business School

   ◦ M.B.A.

• Smith College
   ◦ B.A Economics

College Admissions Counselors

Thao Pham

Colgate University: B.A. in Asian Studies, Political Science (minor)

Bui Ngoc Bao Chau

University of Pennsylvania: M.S.Ed, Education Entrepreneurship; Goshen College: B.A. in Broadcast Journalism

Brian To

St. Edwards University: B.A. in Global Studies; Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University: B.A. in Asia Pacific Studies

Duy Anh Hoang

University of Minnesota: B.S. in Management Information Systems

Kelso Dowling

Strayer University: M.B.A. Global Management; Indiana University of Pennsylvania: B.A. in Theatre & International Studies (double major)

Jenny Doan

RMIT: Bachelor of Business; TESOL certificate

Extracurricular Activity Specialists

David Hayter

California State University: B.A. in History, International Studies, and Japanese

Dan Byer

Boston University: B.S. in Film and Television, English (minor)

Nhat Vy Pham

HCMC University of Social Sciences and Humanities: B.A. in Spanish Linguistics and Literature

Eli Gaultney

University of Georgia: B.A. Mathematics

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"Thank you College Compass for this life-changing opportunity"

Le My Hien - Harvard University

"The beauty of problem-solving comes from trial-and-error. The experience that I have gained has given me valuable lessons."

Lincoln - University of Southern California