Everest Education prepares students academically and mentally for an international education.


11-week terms

Courses are divided into 11 weeks, meet twice a week for 90 minutes per session.

Singapore Math

The curriculum focuses on developing creative problem-solving skills by helping students master mathematical concepts at greater detail.

Interactive Learning Model

Students acquaint, practice, and apply mathematical concepts and therories through the Concrete - Pictorial - Abstract learning process.


11-week terms

Courses are divided into 11 weeks, meet once a week for 90 minutes per session.

Common Core State Standards Curriculum

The Standards ensure students to develop attentive reading skills, allowing them to truly enjoy the process of acquiring new and complex information.

Blended Learning Model

Students get access to the right materials, at the right level, at the right time.


Flexible Schedule

We specifically work with families to arrange a suitable time frame for the course.

Custom Curriculum

Students achieve their academic goals through personalized learning strategies.

Academic & Life Coaching

Students maximize their potentials by developing study habits and self-discipline.

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