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Based on the U.S. Common Core Standard our Online American English class is designed for students from 6-11 years old. Our program helps students learn English in the same way an American child would. Stay safe learning online at home!

Help Your Child To Learn And Have Fun During This Pandemic

Are your kids bored at home?

While Covid has been challenging for everyone, it’s been particularly difficult for kids. For many, they’ve been stuck indoors for weeks repeating the same activities day after day. Give kids something fun, social and educational, while ensuring their safety.

Not like other online programs

While many students have studied online this past year the results have typically been poor. Classes are boring, there’s limited student interaction and as a result kids don’t learn. Our programs are designed with online learning in mind, we incorporate activities, games, and exercises to create an engaging experience for kids.

Make new friends!

One of the biggest challenges for kids right now is that they’re isolated from their peers and friends. Provide kids the opportunity to connect with caring teachers and make new friends. Developing their social skills will help kids stay active and happy.

Why Choose Our Online English Program?

Interactive Online learning

Learning English should be fun and interactive. Whether it’s practicing English directly with teachers and classmates, playing a game or doing an exercise, our online classes keep students engaged.

American learning environment

Give your child the experience of learning in a US classroom. We use the US Common Core standard and the same methodologies used in the US - project-based learning, leveled readers, group discussions and more.

Develop Academic Reading & Writing skills

Move beyond conversational English. Our classes help students develop advanced English skills such as reading comprehension, research, essay writing and oral presentations.

Small Class Sizes

We limit our class sizes to ensure students get enough attention and support from their teachers. This ensures students have plenty of opportunities to practice and receive feedback.

What Skills Will Students Develop?

Communication Skills

• Active listening
• Pronunciation
• Presentation and public speaking
• Debate and persuasion skills
• Using body language in communication

Critical Thinking Skills

• Synthesizing, analyzing and evaluating information
• Asking logical questions
• Sharing opinions and expressing personal thoughts

Reading and Writing Skills

• Reading comprehension
• Expanding English vocabulary
• Master English grammar from basic to advanced
• Learn how to survey, analyze, brainstorm and perfect your writing

Levels For Students From 6 - 11 Years Old

The program was rigorously designed, aiming to build a solid language foundation for students from primary school ages, help them use English fluently, and prepare them to conquer more advanced skills in the future.
Students will do an entrance test to enter the class at the appropriate level.

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Parent Testimonials

“Sophie’s writing, teamwork, and public speaking skills are much better than before. Now when Sophie plays and talks with her classmates, she always confidently speaks in English.”

Mrs. Quynh Trang, Parent of Sophie

“Other centers usually teach English as a foreign language, while Everest aims for the goal to make English become a second language for children, helping them to communicate fluently. My purpose when letting my children learn at Everest is to build a good English foundation to prepare her to study abroad in the future."

Mrs. Pham Ha Thu, Parent of Tuong Vinh & Gia Han

Why Choose Everest Education?


Built by Harvard and Stanford graduates

Everest Education was founded by Tony Ngo (Harvard Business School and Stanford University), and Don Le (Stanford University). Our products are developed using the latest in US educational pedagogy and research, enabling students to effectively develop academically, mentally, and socially.


Partner of top International schools

We’ve worked with many of the top International schools in Saigon such as AIS, EIS, TAS, SSIS, ISHCMC AA, and others.


10,000+ students have studied online with us

Everest has been a pioneer in the online education space, offering engaging class experiences for students of all ages. More than 10,000 students from 42 provinces of Vietnam have attended our online class, and up to 98.5% of students are satisfied with the online learning experience.

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Everest In The News


With an aim of enabling high quality education and modern teaching methods to every single child, two Vietnamese-American designed a very creative and effective online learning model.
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E-learning has been welcomed by both teachers and learners. In the coming time, e-learning is believed to develop further and bring out more values.
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In a country in Vietnam in which innovating in education is challenging, my hope is that Everest begins to blaze a new trail for the nation’s students.

Frequently Asked Questions

All online classes have a size of 6-15 students, ensuring teachers can care and interact with students effectively. In addition, the small number of students also allows teachers to design a learning path that is suitable for each child’s ability, helping them to make the most outstanding progress.

Each program and level will have different tuition rates. Parents can register for your child to take a free entrance test HERE to know your child’s current English level and get detailed consultation on appropriate program fees.

Families can pay tuition fees with 0% interest for the Online English program. The program applies to credit card holders of 22 banks (*).

Everest Education has 4 learning centers in Ho Chi Minh City: Thao Dien (District 2), Phu My Hung (District 7), Him Lam (District 7) and Ba Thang Hai (District 10). Besides online classes, once the pandemic situation improves, students can join offline classes in our learning centers.

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