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With over 12 years of experience, Everest Education supports students in preparing for and studying at international schools. We provide solid knowledge, an international-standard learning environment, and strategic preparation for entrance exams. Let us accompany you on your academic journey!


Everest Education is a trusted partner of international schools in HCMC.

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of Everest students come from International and Bilingual schools


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Get into your dream international school

Understanding Entrance Requirements

With more than 12 years of experience working with International schools, we know what it takes to get into a great International school.

Building Personalized Learning Paths

We develop a personalized pathway for each student to get into their dream school. From building core academic knowledge, to developing academic English to entrance exam preparation, we can build a detailed plan for you.

Identifying Learning Focus Areas

We have a flexible curriculum that can be adjusted to focus more on test-prep or general academic enrichment at different stages of a student’s journey. Study at either our center or online.

Everest Education's Programs

Singapore Math

The program helps students experience effective Math learning with the world-leading Singapore Math CPA (Concrete - Pictorial - Abstract) approach.

English Language Arts

The program helps students develop English naturally like a native speaker and perfect language skills to confidently study in an international environment.


Our comprehensive tutoring program helps students excel in school, prepare for international exams, and achieve study abroad goals.

Test Prep

The program focuses on consolidating academic knowledge, equipping students with effective exam strategies tailored to the goals of each student such as SAT, IGCSE, IB, AP, A-levels, etc.

Getting help is easier than you think

① Assess

We assess student academic and language ability in both English and Math

② Analyze

Based on your target International school, we will identify academic gaps

③ Plan

We'll develop a personalized study pathway to help close that gap

④ Study!

Students will study and receive frequent testing to ensure they're ready for the exam

Learn with the best teachers

James Graham Kenedy

English Teacher

  • Bachelor of Science, Chemistry – University of Hull (UK), CELTA Certificate;
  • Working in the field of education since 2017;
  • Extensive experience in assisting students to enter international schools.
Duong Thi Phuong Linh

English Teacher

  • Master’s degree – TESOL – University of Sunderland;
  • IELTS 8.0 (in 2018);
  • Teaching experience since 2012.
Vu Minh Thanh

Math and Physics Teacher

• Master Degree – Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung (Indonesia);
• Bachelor Degree – Excellent Engineers Training Program on Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, Hanoi University of Science and Technology (Vietnam);
• Has worked at Everest Education since 2016.

Nguyen Duong Thanh Tam

Math Teacher

• Bachelor – Food engineering – Bach Khoa University (Vietnam);
• IELTS 8.0;
• Has taught since 2012 and worked at Everest Education since 2019.

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Võ Khả Như
Võ Khả Như
Student at Australian International School (AIS) while studying at Everest Education
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"The teachers at Everest are very kind, always ready to help me. I've learned a lot about English pronunciation and presentation skills. I'm very happy that now I can understand a lot more about Science, Literature, Geography, etc., in English. All the skills I've learned at Everest are crucial for me to perform well in the international AIS school."
Nguyễn Trương Thư Văn
Nguyễn Trương Thư Văn
Student at Canada International School (CIS) while studying at Everest Education
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After participating in 20 one-on-one sessions with Mr. William, Thư Văn excellently passed the entrance exam for Canada International School (CIS) with an impressive Math score. Thu Văn shared: “I really enjoy the hours spent learning with Mr. William because of his dedication and engaging teaching methods. I can't believe I not only grew to love Math more but also became more proficient in problem-solving skills, becoming one of the top Math students in class.”
Nguyễn Thiện Đăng
Nguyễn Thiện Đăng
Student at The American School (TAS) while studying at Everest Education.
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"Coming to Everest to prepare for the entrance exam to TAS International School, I didn't feel confident at all about my current abilities. However, after studying with Mr. Trung, I gradually fell in love with English and use it every day. I improved a lot in Mr. Trung's Climber C class, and easily passed the entrance exam for TAS International School."
Nguyễn Ngọc Vân Anh
Nguyễn Ngọc Vân Anh
Student at International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) while studying at Everest Education
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"My Math and English skills were only at a fair level when I was in elementary school. But after just 2 one-on-one courses in Math and English, I noticed significant improvement and was admitted directly to ISHCMC without needing to take an entrance exam."

Why choose us?


Built by Harvard and Stanford graduates

Everest Education was founded by Tony Ngo (Harvard Business School and Stanford University), and Don Le (Stanford University).


Partner of top International schools

We’ve worked with many of the top international schools in Saigon such as EIS, TAS, SSIS, ISHCMC AA, and others.


Track record of success

With over 12,000 enrollments and 12 years experience, we’ve helped students gain admissions into top International schools, US boarding schools and US Universities.

Our learning centers

An Phu Learning Center

20 Vo Truong Toan,
An Phu, Thu Duc city, HCMC (Floor 1-2-3)
Phone: (028) 3744 2322

Phu My Hung Learning Center

04 Ton Dat Tien, Garden Plaza 2,
Tan Phong, District 7, HCMC
Phone: (028) 5412 3232

Him Lam District 7 Learning Center

18 Street #1, Him Lam Area,
Tan Hung,District 7, HCMC
Phone: (028) 2253 5673