Climbers Crew

Everest Education’s English Club for students grades 1-12. We provide creative spaces for students at all ages to practice conversational English in the form of interesting workshops. Join FREE.

Your Child's Roadmap To College

The coffee talk will walk you through school to college, what your child should be focusing on each year of high school to get into their dream college, and how we can navigate the college admissions process in an organized and effective way


Climbers Crew #7: Postcard design

Getting to know the basic elements of Art Design: color, letters – text effects, pictures and positioning, covering the basic rules of thumbs and tips, tricks that are used by designers all around the world.

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Climbers Crew #6: Logic games

In this workshop, students will explore their logical thinking ability through puzzle games that help to sharpen different tools in their mathematical skill set

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Climbers Crew #5: Drama Games

Students will explore their dramatic side through learning the fundamentals of drama – body language, tone of voice, facial expressions and character – and through games and activities combine these fundamentals into a short performance.

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