Equip young people with the skills they need as they enter the international academic environment


Everest Education's English Language Arts Program is the bridge between Conversational English and English Literature studies. Rather than just drilling vocabulary and basic grammar, students will be able to access literary analysis methods and develop research and presentation skills in a native English-speaking learning environment.

For students who are proficient in academic English and can produce simple to detailed connected text, this program focuses on academic Reading and Writing skills

For advanced students who are fluent in academic English and want to get a head start on college-level Speaking, Reading and Writing

Pave the way for college-level English and test prep

Climber classes

Study following a method used by Harvard and Stanford graduates
Develop research skills, analytical skills, and effective communication through activities, discussions, and presentations
Apply academic skills to the Writing Process from brainstorming to publishing
Master the key reading and writing skills used in international tests (SAT, ACT, IELTS, TOEFL...)

Experience a liberal arts college style classroom

Honors classes

Study following a method used by Harvard and Stanford graduates
Develop skills in round-table discussions, debates, speeches, critical literary analysis, extended essays, and research papers
Apply academic skills to the Writing Process from brainstorming to publishing
For our most advanced students


We apply the #1 math system in the world in teaching and learning. E2 Climber Math focuses on higher-order thinking, mathematical abstraction and complex problem-solving.

Focuses on higher-order thinking, mathematical abstraction and complex problem-solving

Allows students to study Math from either the American, British or IB Middle Year Program more efficiently

Build confidence to study math abroad

Climber Math

Method designed by Harvard and Stanford graduates
Math in English
Interactive learning advances logical reasoning and creative problem solving

Personalized Math coach

Math Mastery

Customized learning plan
Curriculum aligned to various academic systems (US, UK, Singapore, IB)


For students with specialized academic needs - getting ahead, preparing for school tests or entrance exams, or catching up in school - our personalized tutoring matches students with a subject expert to help them achieve their goal. We offer tutoring in a variety of subjects, including English, Math, Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), IGCSE, IB, IELTS and SAT.

Custom learning for custom goals

Flexible schedule
Customized curriculum and learning plans for most academic subjects
Academic and life coaching


It’s Summer-time once more! This year, Everest Education is looking to recruit young members for our Explorers Squad who will undertake an exciting, memorable and fun journey together. Our Explorers Squad provides amazing opportunities for your kids to learn and play in curious ways through many stimulating lessons: hands-on science, technology, engineering, art, drama, sport and math activities in a 100% all-English environment.

This is a journey which will boost the energy level of every child as we task our Explorer squad in unleashing their creativity through designing, inventing, applying, and creating – using their higher order thinking skills in unique and exciting projects, which will test both their mental agility as well as their physical strength. If you are looking for a playground that can sparkle your child’s summer days, improve their confidence and teamwork skills and have fun together with their friends, the Explorers Squad is the perfect choice to meet all your expectations.

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