Math mastery

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Customized study plan

Math Mastery is a Math coaching program that allows students to study Math from either the American, British or IB Middle Year Program more efficiently. We personalize each student’s learning plan, and there is no limit on classroom time. The curriculum will be highly customized to fit each student’s need and will help improve academic results at school. Our students are able to learn math faster than they can anywhere else.

Customized learning plan
Every student has a unique need – we tailor a specific study plan to help each one reach his or her objective
Students must attend a minimum of 2 days per week, with no maximum
Various academic systems

Singaporean Math: New Syllabus
American Math: McGraw Hill British
Math/ IB Middle Year Program: Haese Publisher

Customized study plan

Contact us for program inquires & registration

Contact Us For Program Inquiries & Registration

Our stories


"Math Mastery helped my son build a strong foundation of Math with a great teacher. She is an inspiration for him to go study every class."
Ms. Thanh Huong
SSIS parent


"I like Math Mastery the most when I can work independently and the curriculum has helped me a lot with the work in my future school in America."
Duong Hoang Nam
CIS student