While working with families, Everest Education has received many questions about getting the best academic knowledge for an international education. Therefore, we have done a lot of research in various areas to answer those questions. Our E2 Library will be kept updated with all of this research to support families with their overseas education preparation.

A complete guide to the new SAT

“A complete guide to the new SAT” ebook is a valuable resource made by Everest Education team, to help students get the SAT score you want at your first attempt!

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U.S. Financial Aid for International Students

Bearing the cost of stuyding abroad includes expenses beyong tuition. The guidebook will assist students and their families in understanding the basic types of financial aid and how to apply for them.

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Everything You Need to Know About International Education in HCMC

Our series will bring a comprehensive view about international schools in Ho Chi Minh city, international curricula, and a detailed checklist for every international student.

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Pathway to Overseas Education in High School

We have entensively researched education systems from five of the top countries where Vietnamese students frequently study: America, England, Australia, Canada, Singapore.

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International Tests

This content includes popular tests for international education, such as SAT, AP, IELTS, and TOEFL.

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E2 Talk is an education hub for parents where families can find helpful academic knowledge and the latest news about international education. All articles are researched and written by Everst Education in both English and Vietnamese.

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