E2 SAT class

The SAT program is designed for students from Grade 9 – Grade 12, which offers you a clear,
guaranteed study pathway to reach your score goal, no matter where you are starting.

E2 SAT program

Our personalized approach allows you to not only learn topics, skills, and strategies for the test, but also give you access to a literary analysis method, which would also assist you in your future study.
Our highly-qualified teachers who scored >95th percentile, with extensive teaching experience in standardized tests.


Highly-qualified teachers who scored more than 95th percentile, with extensive teaching experience in standardized tests

Structured program with highly-disciplined process that combines great teaching with self-study


√ Command of Evidence

√ Words in Context

√ Reading: Information and Ideas, Rhetoric, Synthesis

√ Writing and Language: Expression of Ideas, Standard English Conventions

√ Heart of Algebra

√ Problem Solving

√ Data Analysis

√ Passport to Advanced Math

√ Test tips analysis to maximize scores

√ Effective time management

√ 2 mock tests

Level chart

We ensure that each student will have the class at the right level with the right peers.

Focused areas

Foundation & Climber


Knowledge & skills

Learn the foundational knowledge & skills of the SAT test

Master the knowledge & skills, personalized based on each student’s score target

Test-taking strategies

Get familiar with SAT test structures

Focus on areas of improvement to maximize scores


8 weeks (64 hours)
  • Applied for all levels Foundation, Climber and Summit.
  • Students can choose to register full courses, or only Math or Verbal subject.

Free Diagnostic Test

At Everest Education, we try to make the Diagnostic Test as close to the real SAT testing environment as we can. This is a great opportunity to know where you are in better preparation to reach your targeted scores.