A complete guide to the new SAT

A complete guide to the new SAT

“A complete guide to the new SAT” ebook is a valuable resource made by Everest Education team, to help students get the SAT score you want at your first attempt! Inside this book, we cover:

  1. Introducing the SAT
  2. Why Take the SAT?
  3. When to Take the SAT
  4. Breaking Down the SAT
  5. SAT Percentiles and Scores
  6. What’s a Good SAT Score for YOU?
  7. Guaranteed Scholarships Based on SAT Scores
  8. How to Prepare for the SAT

Studying and taking the SAT exams can be an extremely daunting task. However, most four-year universities and colleges require students to submit their SAT, making taking the exam an absolute must. Other than that, a good SAT score can balance your low GPA, and even can be used to apply for merit-based scholarships.