On April 10, 2017, Everest Education launches the “E2 ENGLISH SCHOLARS CHALLENGE: THE SKILLS TO CONVINCE”, a competition that focuses on persuasive skills to convince others to agree with your point of view. The challenge is open to all students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Participants will develop their persuasive skills in both writing and speaking as they express their own opinions regarding a wide array of interesting topics.

There are two age groups in the challenge: Grade 7 (or Year 8 in the British System) and below, and Grade 8 (or Year 9) and above. The participants will compete in 2 rounds, and the winners of each group will receive  the following prizes:

  • 1st Prize: E2 Scholarship for any 3 small class enrollments and a 2,000,000 VND cash scholarship (valued up to 30,800,000 VND);
  • 2nd Prize: E2 Scholarship for any 2 small class enrollments and a 1,000,000 VND cash scholarship (valued up to 20,200,000 VND);
  • 3rd Prize: E2 Scholarship for any 1 small class enrollments and a 500,000 VND cash scholarship (valued up to 10,100,000 VND).

To join in the challenge, participants must register and submit their essays between April 10, 2017 and May 02, 2017. Essay prompts will be emailed to participants once they have registered at https://e2.com.vn/challenge. Students who have written the top essays will be selected as finalists, and they will be invited to participate in an exclusive “Persuasive Skills” Workshop led by Mr. Tony Ngo, one of the co-founders of Everest Education. At this workshop, Mr. Ngo will coach students on public speaking and persuasive skills to help them prepare for the final round. In the final round, all finalist students will deliver their essays as a speech, and a panel of judges will select the winners.

The “E2 English Scholars Challenge: The Skills to Convince” promises to be a fantastic opportunity for students to develop confidence in speaking and presenting in English.

About the E2 English Scholars Challenge

The E2 English Scholars Challenge is an annual contest organized by Everest Education, which aims to boost students’ confidence and fluency in English and to prepare them better for an international education.

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