Master English with E2 smart flashcards
Flashcards are a good way to learn fast! We give away a wide selection of flashcards for your child to study, memorize, test on, and more.

What are flashcards?

Flashcards are a set of cards where every card has a question written on one side and the answer on the other side. Your kid chooses a card, reads the question, tries to recall as much as possible, and then compares her answer to the correct answer written on the back of a flashcard.

Why flashcards help us learn?

  • Flashcards engage the active recalling concepts
  • Flashcards utilize confidence-based repetition
  • Flashcards allow multiple modes of play and learning

What is special about E2 Flashcards?

  • Each card features a concept on one side and a detailed explanation on the other, with nice pictures that your kids will love
  • Cover the essential concepts that your kids need to master
  • Available for printing and viewing on devices

Choose your set of flashcards

50 Math terms every primary student should know

Our Math flashcard set contains more than 50 giant flashcards designed to help children recognize and learn a variety of essential first Math-in-English words in preparation for their success in the international academic environment.

Learn popular English idioms to sound like a native speaker

The English idiom flashcards help children learn interesting and popular English idioms to sound more like a native speaker. The set contains 60 flashcards. One side of each flashcard provides one idiom with an eye-catching, colorful image while the other side presents its full explanation in both English and Vietnamese, We also include an example with that idiom in context to help your child build up her literacy fluency.


How to use our Math Flashcards effectively

The first step in using flashcards effectively is to use them the right way and in the right environment:

  1. Sit comfortably facing your child.
  2. Arrange the flashcards in the order you would like to present them.
  3. Hold up the first card so your child can clearly see the front. Keep the back of the flashcard toward you so your child cannot see it.
  4. If necessary, read the front of the flashcard to your child. For example, you may read a word or concept from the front. Count to three in your head. This allows your child about three seconds to consider the question on the flashcard and think about her answers.
  5. If your child gives a correct answer, place the correctly answered flashcard in a pile on your left.
  6. If your child gives an incorrect response or no response, tell them the correct answer and place these flashcards in a pile on your right side.
  7. After you have finished showing your child all of the flashcards, you may continue your flashcard teaching session by using the stack of incorrectly answered cards. Continue in the same manner, placing correctly answered flashcards on the left and incorrectly answered flashcards on the right.
  8. Once your child has mastered the full set of flashcards, practice them periodically to ensure your child remembers them.


>> Learn more pro tips HERE

Continuously reviewing our flashcards will ensure your children retain more of the information they’re studying with little effort required. The more often you get them correct, the less you will need to see them!

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