installment program

Everest Education (“E2”) will be running a 0% interest installment program for all enrollments in our classes. This is applied to credit card owners from 22 banks via the payment portal Payoo.

I. About the 0% installment program

  • This program applies to enrollments at Everest Education valued from 3 mil VND.
  • This program is from 10/08/2020 to 30/06/2021.
  • Installment period: 3 months and 6 months.
  • The cardholder will pay the full tuition with their credit card issued by banks in the list below, and choose the installment period at the time of payment.
  • The bank will debit the transaction amount into consecutive monthly installments depending on the installment term. Monthly installments will be tabulated as a regular transaction, and are part of the total amount due on each Credit Card Statement.
  • The Cardholder’s available limit on the Credit Card Account will be reduced in proportion to the transaction value and will automatically increase in proportion to the amount that the Cardholder has paid to the Bank for each installment period.
  • Cancellation and Early Settlement of installment transaction: Depending on the policy of each Bank, Cardholder can cancel or settle early and pay the fee as prescribed (if any).
  • In case the Cardholder fails to pay the full amount payable on the Credit Card Statement by the specified time, the Cardholder will have to pay all interest and fees incurred per the Bank’s policy.

II. Terms and conditions

Cardholder must satisfy the following conditions:

  • The payer is the primary cardholder of the International Credit Card issued by the Bank (may be required to present ID card at payment).
  • At the time of registration for installment payment, the Cardholder’s Credit Card is active status, not in bad debt status, or delayed per the Bank’s regulations.
  • The installment transaction value does not exceed the credit card limit.
  • The currency used is Vietnam Dong (VND) or the foreign currency conversion amount to VND (Including the applicable foreign currency conversion fee for each bank).
  • The time to join the installment program must be 03 (three) working days before the card statement period.
  • Courses registered and paid in an interest-free installment payment is not refundable.
  • Cardholder may be charged a conversion fee, depending on the rules of each bank.

III. Termination of application of the payment program

The Bank reserves the right to cancel or terminate the credit card installment program by notifying the Cardholder and requesting the cardholder to immediately pay the full remaining balance of the Installment when:

  • The cardholder breaches its obligations under the Bank’s regulations.
  • The credit card is closed, locked, temporarily locked, or in other cases if the bank deems it necessary.
  • Upon termination of the installment plan offered to the cardholder, the entire remaining balance of the installment will immediately become the amount due and will be automatically debited to the Cardholder’s credit account. Cardholder may have to pay fees and expenses related to the program termination per the Bank’s regulations.

IV. Important notes

  • The Cardholder undertakes to fully pay the registered installment amount to the Bank regardless of any dispute, complaint, or lawsuit between the Cardholder and the Center regarding the Installment Amount. The Bank may amend or amend the Terms and Conditions applicable to the Installment Plan without prior notice.
  • Parents can contact the family card issuing bank for details.

List of banks in the 0% installment program

Parents can see a list of banks in the 0% installment program and their regulations here.

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