E2 English Scholars Challenge 2017’s Results

 About E2 English Scholars Challenge

The E2 English Scholars Challenge is an annual contest organized by Everest Education, which aims to boost students’ confidence and fluency in English and to prepare them better for an international education.

This year’s competition focuses on persuasive skills, skills to convince others to agree with your point of view. Participants will have the opportunity to develop their persuasive skills in writing and speaking to express their own opinions regarding a wide array of interesting topics.

 E2 English Scholars Challenge 2017’s Results

On 21st of May, E2 English Scholars Challenge Final Round and Award Ceremony has been successfully organized. Finalists have delivered excellent speeches on several topics. Tony Ngo, co-founder of Everest Education has awarded winners with the highest scores. The winner list:

 Grade 7 and BelowGrade 8 and Above
First PrizeChao Pi Ying (Grade 7 – ISHCMC)Nguyễn Huỳnh Nhật Tiến (Grade 9 – LSTS)
Second PrizeNguyễn Võ Minh Khoa (Grade 7 – AIS)Đỗ Ngân Hà (Grade 10 – Gia Định high school)
Third PrizeTrần Minh Anh (Grade 4 – ISHCMC)Vũ Anh Vũ (Grade 8 – CIS)

Winners of the scholarship has received Cash prizes and Scholarships that cover Courses at Everest Education.


We’re very sorry that our E2 English Scholars Challenge registration has ended. To stay in touch with our future event, please leave your email here: eve.nguyen@e2.com.vn

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