For grades 1 – 12

Not only a Math course, our Math Summer Program will surprise the students by discovering the interesting relationship between Mathematics and the universe through a series of creative computational, research, and investigation activities that help develop logical thinking and apply math to different aspects of Space Exploration.
Depending on each level, students will apply their Math knowledge to figure out the size of the earth, the distance between planets, gravity and energy, shapes in space, communication in space…and beyond!



For grades 1 – 12

Students who love the beauty of English language arts will have a captivating experience practicing using the language and broadening knowledge about culture and space with topics including human and alien Civil Rights, Astronomy, Life and Opportunities in the Space Industry. Students will put on their critical thinking hats as well as examine real-life problems from an alien’s perspective, ranging from “A Day At Work”, “Back To School”, “Talking About Trash” to “Nature’s Balance”,…
Specifically, students will be transformed into true planetary citizens and apply all four English skills (Speaking, Listening, Writing, Reading) to their creative literary writings, vlogs, performances, presentations….


For grades 2 – 9

This is an opportunity for the Explorers Squad to embark on a journey through space. Every week they’ll solve mysteries related to aerial cities, planets, solar systems and more, emphasizing STEAM skills like presenting, modeling, and scientific researching all while practicing English. Weekly projects include recreating a model of the solar system and its elements, mapping out the constellations that fly over our head every night, and trying their hand at creating their own space vehicle program just like NASA and SpaceX. Our explorers will learn about the history and development of space exploration through these creative projects, practice presentation skills and engage with authentic materials sure to make them dream of life amongst the stars.


Explore our 6-week space odyssey

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Everest Education was founded by Tony Ngo (Harvard Business School and Stanford University), and Don Le (Stanford University) to empower all learners, one student, and one moment at a time. We help students to gain entrance and succeed in international academic environments. For our families, we strive to be their trusted education partner.

We offer Math and English enrichment courses, test prep, college admissions consulting, and private tutoring to students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 using our proprietary blended learning approach. We also offer English, STEAM, and design thinking camps through our network of learning centers, partner schools, and online.

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